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Meet Don

My first venture out of college was a sales career for major corporations. A focus on planning, execution, learning, and accountability resulted in exceptional benefits for my clients. Developing skills for communication competence enabled me to become an enthusiastic and resourceful leader dedicated to team excellence.

I eventually transitioned into Professional Athletic Training. The Practice specialized in postural movement, core performance, and injury rehabilitation through program design using weights, kettlebells, and cardiovascular implementation.

For the past 15 years, I also support clients through a Life Transformation Process, which emphasizes influential awareness through clarity of a person's identity and beliefs. 

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This strategy establishes a consistent, disciplined approach to personal and professional development.

The outcome for those I serve is the fulfillment of their leadership potential for exceptional significance in life.

I presently speak to organizations about the lessons learned from Health & Leadership Coaching and my restoration from enduring open-heart, kidney, and septic shock surgeries. I'm devoted to supporting you to master life's challenges with courage and confidence.


On Stage

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Chronic stress is a national epidemic obstructing both our mental and physical health.

This enemy is toxic to our vital organs while damaging neural pathways that impair good judgment.

Stress manifests obesity, overdoses, addiction, and suicide, and the U.S. now has the lowest life expectancy rate in the world.

We typically respond by internalizing stress, rather than exploring healthy ways to alleviate it.

This presentation will explain how you can…

  • Practice the five productive steps to transforming your health.


  • Fulfill the six human needs, which will enhance your well-being.

  • Apply beneficial strategies for prosperous stress management.

  • Incorporate proper breathing patterns to improve your energy levels and cognitive ability.

  • Become an influential model for well-being and resilience in your community and career.


The best leaders possess profound self-awareness by refining their beliefs, values, and commitment.

Perceptive insight creates the confidence to execute with discernment for a significant legacy

on leadership.

Do you know who you are and why your influence is relevant?

Imagine a future compelling enough to energize your choices today!

In this inspirational message, you will discover…


  • What is the most effective framework for exceptional leadership?

  • Why knowing the distinction between mission and vision is essential.

  • How the four foundations will model your direction as a leader.

  • Compelling stories that will encourage you to fulfill your potential in leading others.

  • How discipline will drive your values, habits, and priorities to yield extraordinary results.


Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., and a person dies every 37 seconds.

Over 650,000 Americans die from heart disease every year.


One in five heart attacks are silent, and the person is not aware it happened.

Obesity related conditions cause heart disease, and 42% of the adult population is diagnosed as obese.


The U.S. economy struggles with $219 billion annually in costs related to health care, medicines, and lost productivity from heart disease.

Don shares his experience from Open-Heart surgery and the strategies for prevention and rehabilitation, including…

  • Primary risk factors and how to restore your cardiovascular system.

  • How heart health has repercussions for every area of your life.

  • This single proactive habit will revolutionize your overall health.

  • The power of “why” and how it guides you to live with vitality.


“If you’re searching for the person who will change your life…Take a look in the mirror.”

Talks and Topics


Don is a brilliant communicator and speaker!

He has a unique ability to develop instant rapport with a powerful message which addresses our challenges.

His self-awareness allows him to connect with perception and eloquence.

I'm grateful his messages influence us to take action in our personal and professional lives.

Lisa Gaglio
Beth Israel Deaconess Healthcare
Don Wood is an exemplary Speaker and Coach. His high-energy speeches are well-crafted and thought-provoking.

I've learned more in a single 60-minute keynote with Don than I have in my 20 years as a leader in business.

Don is able to effectively break down complex topics and make them simple to understand.

When I leave one of his talks, I'm motivated with a renewed purpose.

John Gangell
Meditech Corporation
Don is one of the rare speakers in my 30-year business career who can deliver value to a group and keep us engaged.

When I listen to one of his messages, I gain insight that I can apply in all areas of my life.

Time spent with him goes by quickly because I'm focused on the content which I easily digest and implement right away.

Paul Nichols
Entrepreneur & Former Executive
Don's 3-hour seminar exceeded my expectations when I attended the New England Healthcare Conference in Newport, Rhode Island.

He inspires connection through his professionalism & engaging approach to sharing relevant information.

I highly recommend inviting this exceptional individual to deliver a presentation for your organization or conference.

Dr. Sherlyn Fenton
Chief Compliance / Ethics Officer

I've had the good fortune to hear Don speak on a number of subjects.

One of the things which consistently stands out is that the materials, ideas, and results are always the star.

Take any subject and let him help your audience understand it in ways they may have otherwise never considered.

Barry Ronk

Sprint Ray Corporation

"10 out of 10! Inspirational and uplifting.”

Don was extremely fun and easy to work with, and he really connected with our group!

A few attendees even stayed to compliment Don, and request how they could implement services within their own facilities with him.

Don’s presentation pinpointed the exact issues that all healthcare workers are faced with at this time.

Lexi Gonelli
Oriol Healthcare


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Phone: 508.254.7754

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